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Omg ….omg ….OMG!!!! i took some persuading but once I started I couldn’t stop!

A friend of mine battered me into watching Season One of Gossip Girl last year and the two of us have been DYING for the new season to start …which it did ….on Monday ….it was awesome!!!

There’s very little that can warm my heart and make me go searching for my boyfriend, but the sight of Dan and Serena together has me grabbing for cuddly toys, making hot chocolate and cuddling on the couch.

We weren’t left on much of a cliff-hanger last season, so it was an on-going loyal love that made me switch back on …or download rather. The season got off to a nice start …not a great one …but I know something is gonna happen soon so I don’t mind a nice, gentle consistancy right now.

Jenny’s nice again ….Nate’s a play-ah ….and was DAN but now he’s back where he belongs in Serena’s arms …Blair has her Loooohhhhhrrrrrrd ….whatever will happen ….


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