Sweet as Pie …

Don’t you just love her?

Ever since she first appeared on Popstars: The Rivals I’ve had a soft spot for Ms. Tweedy. I ignored rumours of her chavosity ….I cheered everytime her and the girls went to number 1 ….I awhed when Ash proposed and booed when the fecker cheated.

So it was little wonder that I got so caught up in the X-Factor this year after she was slotted in as Sharon’s replacement. Not that anyone ever expected her to rival Shaz’s sass, but we at least hoped she’d drown out Ice-Queen Dannii’s braying ….and she did!

And better still, the rumour mill is churning and grinding and I hear that Dannii is to be kicked off the show altogether as will be replaced by no other than the Queen Bee herself ….…Hurrah!!!!!!!

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