With Friends Like These ….

I’ve never been terribly interested in politics, but I have to admit to being drawn into the current American Presidential campaign.

And who can blame me!? Working as a media monitor-er all I’m hearing is this about Obama and that about McCain and the other about Bush.

Initially, I was a bit of a Hillary fan …you had to admire her! She went from being the President’s significant other to being cheated on by said husband to running for the Presidentship herself …mucho props, Misses!

However, I did feel the democratic vote came down to “either you vote for a woman or you vote for a black person” rather than voting for the better candidate. Thankfully, I liked both candidates so when Hillary stepped down, I wasn’t too gutted. Until I saw what was giving the ‘female touch’ to the Republican party.

Palin is a most hideous of creatures. After a few days in the limelight she has half-destroyed what McCain had built. She’s shown herself to be a gun-waving, loud-mouthed, pitbull-esque ‘thing’ who now apparently has spent far too much time on her career and not enough on her children. I’m not one to judge teen-pregnancies, but you’d expect the possible vice-pres to keep a tight rein on her sprog ….even if it is for political purposes!!!

I do admit to grinning in glee as she made Obama look better and better. First, as people laid into her over her bump-tastic teen, Obama defended her by claiming that candidates’ personal lives shouldn’t be an issue …he’s sooo wise. Then Palin proceeds to turn around and lay into Obama to try and distract from her own bad press and thereby creates even MORE bad press for herself.

I almost feel bad for her ….almost …


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