Sunday Morning

Yes, I’m well aware that it’s Monday night, but I was going to write about this yesterday only my internet cut out halfway though.

My Sunday’s have recently become wonderful days of relaxation and niceness after spending the last eight years having to work nearly every one of them.

So while I’m abandoning my old Sunday-Ways, I have kept up some of my traditions, such as reading The Sunday Tribune, which began during my Sundays in Londis where I was allowed read the papers for free on my break. Recently my bestest-of-buds began writing for the paper, so I have even more reason to read it, and although that has nothing to do with my story, i still want to boast on her behalf (her name is Lyndsay ‘Business Babe’ McGregor).

So anyway, I was reading my favourite Tribune writer’s weekly column (Patrick Freyne makes everything funny and amazing) and in his Freyne’s World section he was talking about Bod!

I loved Bod …him and his 2D shinanagans ….his catchy theme music and his simple friends like PC Copper and Aunt Flo (not a great name, and not one I understood back then either!) ….and lets not forget the way the characters’ legs just disappeared inside their bodies to indicate they were walking.

And so Bod, I raise my glass to you ….you are da man ….


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