Pure Stupidity

I love Gerry Ryan. I am currently listening to him talking about children being given the MMR Vaccine. He’s called parents who don’t vaccinate their kids “fools who decided to experiment with their children’s lives for some sort of quasi tree-hugging, self-centred, selfish, non-sensical tripe non-scientific analysis of what the MMR vaccine actual was. It’s disgrace! And it has resulted in a failure of the National Vaccine Programme in some parts of the country!”

The dude is right. By idiots not vaccinating their kids, they have put their children and other people’s children at risk. There have been measles and mumps outbreaks thoughout the country in the last few years because of that stupidity. You all know full well that these parents heard rumours of possible problems (spread by other people who heard rumours) and without investigating it, they just decided to leave it. It makes me soooooo angry!!!

All hail King Gerry!


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