There are few people whom I’ve truly admired and been simply fascinated by. In today’s Hollywood age where every second person is famous for something, it’s very difficult to admire anyone who constantly scrapes for attention, chucking sob stories and sex scandals all over the shop.

Old Hollywood was a place to go to admire people. A time when women were ladies who didn’t air their dirty laundry even if they had a real good time. Yes there was scandal and of course they caused a bit of trouble, but a real lady doesn’t kiss and tell.

And these women were real ladies. They had style and grace. They were fabulous. They had talent, and buckets of it. And few had as much as Francis Gumm herself -Ms Judy Garland.

Plagued with the life of a ‘child star’, Judy sang, danced and pouted her way to the top, and into the public’s heart. Behind the scenes, she was falling apart but my God, there was nothing but a smile and a kind word when she was in public.


Her life was a tragic tale -a movie in itself, although nothing like the musicals she was so famous for- and her death a devestation; yet the memory of Judy lives on. She represents fire and spirit with a vulnerabilty that’s so appealing.

Judy really is admirable.


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  1. You heart her… this was lovely

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