Don’t shake the baby!

Gerry Ryan had to referee an argument between two women on his show this morning who were conducting a heated debate over the government’s decision to have the over-70s medical card means tested and ridding the scheme of automatic entitlement.

The figures, eh, figure that it will take the card off about 20,000 elderly people, saving the government quite a bit of money.

One of the women claimed that we need to look after the elderly because they’re a vulnerable minority of society.

The other said that we need to concentrate on children because they’ll be the ones who are running the country in a few years, and they should be given all the opportunities they can be give. Therefore she said that instead of causing a racket over some well-off old people losing compulsory medical cards, we should be looks at the decreases in children’s allowances, the increase in college fees and the increase in class sizes.

She does make a good point ……


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  1. Haha to your headline! Remember the posters on the subway…? Good times…

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