‘L’ is for the way you look …

You know despite the fact that the smell of Chanel makes my nose wrinkle in distaste, and depsite the fact I actually don’t like Keira Knightly even a little, I love the advertising campaigns for the brand.

I love the classic cuts of the clothes, but unfortunately the brand doesn’t feel the need to make pretty ads for them. But they do for the perfume and so I do make the most of them.

The poster campaign for Coco Mademoiselle is quite different to the TV ad but still both are very pretty, even down to the use of one of my favourite songs …check it out!

I also love this picture, which is based on the TV ad, but I haven’t actually seen it anywhere but online:

I also loved the old ad for Chanel with Nicole Kidman in it even tho it’s a tad sappy, but I love the cinematography of it and the fact it has a story:


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One response to “‘L’ is for the way you look …

  1. Aaaaand the Nicole Kidman one was directed by Baz Luhrman so you HAVE to love it! Good ole Baz… we need to watch Romeo+Juliet again!

    I actually like this perfume. It’s not as strong as Chanel No 5.

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