Let’s Talk About X

OK the fact that I’ve been really busy recently is obvious by the fact that I haven’t (a) blogged and (b) blogged about the X Factor which I L.O.V.E!

This year’s show has been great! First of all Cheryl in a judge which is annoying Dannii quite bit cos Cheryl is a million times better in every way!

And also the contestants a pretty cool! I absolutely LOVE Diana, who’s a gem with this kick-ass unique voice. I will admit she does this annoying thing with her hand quite a lot but I’ll forgive her. Here’s her latest performance featured on Big Band Week where she does one of my favourite Judy Garland songs:

Another one of my favourites this year is Austen, who actually reminds me of a guy I work with. He does cry quite a lot (Austin, not work guy), but I think he’s grown up a bit and gotten some confidence so I think he’ll be ok. He did Mack the Knife on last week’s show, and although I normally don’t like that song, I was quite won over by him so wooooo!

JLS is in 3rd place ….I have a soft spot for those RnB Cuties!

I’m SOOOO angry at all the sob stories this year though! There’s one girl who’s a bit Winehousey but she doesn’t deserve to be there ….but she is ….cos she’d a hard life ….and this is her last chance ….excuse me for really not caring!! Then there was an old guy who was kept in over Scott on Saturday BECAUSE his wife is died and he dedicated the song to her ….seriously ….there was NO other reason to keep him in there, OR to put him in in the first place!


But oh well ….I’ll be tuned in next week to see what happens!!!!!!!!


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