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Ok so it’s old news, but I wasn’t able to blog when it all came so tough …you can hear about it again now!

Beyonce annoys me in general.

Her songs grate on my nerves, and while she has an amazing voice, it gives me a headache when she warbles and warbles and screeches.

If I Were A Boy is NOT a song to do that with and it made me cry in pain everytime it came on the radio.

Then I heard there was an original version as the song was written by an up-and-coming (thank you, Perez) and I realised that the song is actually pretty good. The artist is BC Jean; another singer-songwriter. But she’s damn good. She has a voice that can become a rival to Bonnie Tyler! She’s singing the wrong kind of songs right know (with the exception of If I Were A Boy and one or two others) but once she gets the right management and some vocal training (cos she occasionally verges on that irritating MandyMoore-eque ‘breathy’ thing!) she’s going to be awesome.

Now move over Queen.B and let the people hear how it SHOULD sound …..


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