Don’t cry for me ….oh …ok …maybe a little bit….

I had to be consoled for hours after Austin was kicked off the X Factor on Saturday night. I was so upset (yeah, I know that’s a tad sad but shhh …at least I care, man!) and so angry because he deserved to stay! Rachel is a trainwreck who screws up at every turn, while Austin works and works and works and never stops trying and giving a million per cent.

He was only kicked off by the judges because Cheryl was falling for the Rachel Sob Story (shocker!!!!!) and Louis wanted to (A) Piss Simon off, and (B) To kick out any threats to his acts.

Here is Austin’s final song, and it’s one of my favourites which made the whole ordeal even harder for me!



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6 responses to “Don’t cry for me ….oh …ok …maybe a little bit….

  1. Ken

    But didn’t he already have his chance at the limelight a few years back? Wasn’t he in boybands-ville for a while? AND a TV show where the boyband became a girlband?

    That’s his chance: should never’ve gotten into the final 12 then. Off with his head, I say. Especially with hair like that.

  2. chicknamedhermia

    Ah the hair they gave him at the start of the live shows was HIDEOUS …big emo head on him! But he sorted it out so leave his hair be!
    And it doesn’t matter if he was in a band before …he was auditioning as a solo artist so it’s COMPLETELY new territory and he should have been saved instead of that other wench!

  3. Ken

    You just fancy him.

    I’ll tell Greg.

  4. chicknamedhermia

    Lol ….he knows ….he was there when I cried at Austin’s departure! 😀

  5. Ken

    Dammit, why am I always the last to know these things.

  6. Greg

    Unlucky Austin.. Come on Rachel!!!!!! 😀

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