Getting Lippy

I got stuck in a giant department store in Pamplona on the brink of a cold sore with no lipbalm.

Being in a desperate situation and there only being on one giant and expensive cosmetics section in the 16-floored building, I was forced to spend €13 on a lip balm from Clinique.

I justified the expenditure by saying that it was a really good brand so the product would be superb.

It wasn’t.

It’s actually kind of shit.

It’s sticky, it doesn’t moisturise and instead just coats your lips, and its so gooey that you have to use loads of the small tube in one application to cover your lips.

This, on the other hand, is a fantastic product. It’s about €3.50, it smells heavenly and it does wonderous things for a dry and chapped pout. Loves it, I do! Can be found in Boots …mmmmmmmmmmmmm


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