My New Favourite Shop

OK so it’s not exactly a new shop, but being the home to many an emo-inclined being and the meterosexuals of our new generation, it’s actually the perfect place for girls who want a bit of an edge!

They always seem to have an amazing selection of tees, such as the one here. I went in looking for an Oscar the Grouch one today (which they were out of) and came out with a Japanese-inspired Joker tee (this was purchased BEFORE I realised that I have €70 to live on for the next 3 weeks …keep in mind that my travel expenses ALONE come to €60 for those weeks).

But financial doom-dom aside, Topman is awesome. I got an amazing blanket-scarf and fingerless gloves there after spending the day trailing through all the girl shops and finding nothing I liked! I was also tempted to buy a winter coat in there, but thought that might be taking my cross-dressing a tad too far (although I’m sure I’ll be able to convince myself otherwise!!!).


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