Obama for President

How exciting is today!!?????

We are witnessing history. And I know you can say that anything we’ve seen in our lives is technically history, but this is really important history book history.

It’s like JFK and Martin Luther and Bismarck!

It’s like 9/11 (but obviously -and hopefully- a lot happier!).

It’s the kind of thing our kids and grandkids will learn about in history class and we’ll be able to tell them we were there and what we remember and they’ll think we’re old but screw them cos they’ll just be jealous they weren’t around at the time.

If (and bloody well WHEN) Obama is announced as America’s 44th President, it’s going to be a landmark moment, both racially and politically.

And remember a vote for McCain is a vote for Sarah Palin (how scary is that thought!!!!?????????).


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