Call it a sign from God

I know I’m unforgivably behind the times, but I finally saw The Devil Wears Prada during the week.

Ha …LOVED it!!!

My mum has been telling me to watch it for AGES, especially once I started my summer internship in a certain Irish women’s magazine back in June.

It was actually kind of accurate in the way that the other members of staff look down on you and judge you constantly, while demanding unreasonable things from you.

However, my experience varied in the sense that the other women were short and robust, and looked as though they got dressed in the dark (although they were convinced they were the shitaki!). Either way, the experience put me off EVER wanting to work in a women’s magazine.

Thankfully now that I’ve had time to reflect on those hideous few months, and following my viewing of said film, I realised that it just wasn’t a very good magazine, and along with all Irish fashion or women’s magazines, they don’t have the resources on offer that British or American magazines have. This automatically makes the people working in them defensive and in trying to match superior magazines, they can’t do anything but adopt a superios attitude.

So my conclusion?

I’m moving to London to work in Vogue or Vanity Fair.


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One response to “Call it a sign from God

  1. I’ve lost track of the amount of times your life plan has changed since I’ve known you

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