New Obsession

I’m absolutely LOVING!!!!!! the new selection of Irregular Choice shoes in Schuh.

This shoe is making me dribble with joy ….that’s right; dribble.

Just look at it!!!

First of all PURPLE! I love purple clothes and shoes (They also have them in red, which makes for one sexy shoe!). My current favouritist pair of shoes are purple patent shoes from Clarks ….one of my all-time best buys!

Secondly, the shoe has flowery stuff and a strap.

That is awesome.

I want this shoe.

It is €95.

Should I buy it?

Practically no, because it’s more of a going-out-and-dancing kind of shoe, and as I’m not a big clubber, I spend most of my time in pubs or cafes. Also, I’m quite tall and for certain reasons I cannot be any taller. And also-also I don’t really wear heels.

But sure fashion isn’t supposed to be sensible and dreams aren’t supposed to be practical and I waaaannnntttt them!! 😀

Here are some other pretty shoes from Irregular Choice:


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