Classic Kate

I used to really love Kate Moss as a model.

She has kinda lost it now though, and no, not because she’s older, but she just hasn’t got the same edgy spark she used to have. Now, she’s a model going through the motions and making it because of who she was.

While looking through Foto Decadent today, I spotted some pics of Kate from a old 90s issue of Glamour France.

This is why we loved Kate:



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2 responses to “Classic Kate

  1. I love Foto Decadent ‘cos I love getting to see all the photoshoots from all the mags you can’t get here.

    I still love Kate. She’s not really a model any more though, she’s more of a brand in herself. You don’t really look at what she’s the face of anymore, it’s just “Oh look there’s Kate with X”.

    She looks amazing here. Her mouth is just perfect as opposed to now where it’s permanently open.

  2. ChickNamedHermia

    I KNOW!!!

    That open mouth thing is very annoying!! She just looks idiotic!

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