My Daily Update


So yesterday wasn’t that amazingly exciting …I know, Day 2 and my life-changing mission is dwindling!

It was still good though in a very mellow way. I’ve been meaning to do something to my jewellery collection for YEARS, so yesterday I popped into Topshop to make a start.

I purchased the above ring in pale pink. I always panic when I’m buying rings because its tricky. You see, if you’re warm your finger expands and when you’re cold it goes to a normal size. Bit of science there.

So anyway, when you’re shopping you’re most probably going to be warm and your finger will be fatter, therefore you’re likely to end up buying the wrong size. But then sometimes you’re not warm enough for Fatty-Fingers, so you really don’t know. There’s also the issue of the plastic ring attaching the ring to its tag which takes up more room.

Basically it’s pretty tough to get a good-fitting ring.

Also a fear of mine is that I’ll try on a ring in the shop and it will get stuck on my finger!! Scarlet!!

So, the point to all of that was that I got home and discovered the ring is actually too big. But the ring itself is pretty big, so I think I’ll notice if it falls off.

I have my eye on necklace there too. It has a long gold chain and a heart charm, a dove charm and an eiffel tower charm on it and it’s kinda symbollic to me so I might get that later, even though I’m not a fan of gold.

I also took a stroll through George’s Arcade off Grafton Street, and finally purchased one of the hand-made leather-bound diaries I’ve been lusting after for a couple of months. It’s like something out of a fantasy movie; the type of diary the children dig out of the attic or from a treasure box.


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