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hpim4639So this is me in front of my less-than-clean bathroom mirror, post-night-out. Unfortunately when I moved out, my bedroom was turned into the house’s storage room and when I moved back, it never changed. Therefore, I only have a really small mirror in my bedroom *collective awwwhhhhh*.

I do, however, have my eye on the mirror below which I’m going to thread faux flowers through, but that’s not going to be for another while yet, so you must make do with the toothpaste-stained loo-king glass …..ha ha ha ha, I’m hilarious!


Last night I was having a unofficial school reunion with my old secondary school buds. We realised we hadn’t all been together since my 18th birthday which was a whole three-and-a-half years ago! Mental!

We decided on Captain Americas as the meeting point, and cocktails and karaoke as the lure. The consumption of food was implied, however my dearest darling Pamela didn’t get that and so ate dinner at home and spent the night glaring at us over a Cosmo while we chomped! 😀

It was an amazing night actually. Before getting there, I was a wee bit apprehensive since we hadn’t all hung out in SO long, and had missed some serious growing years, but thankfully it was as funny as it every was and I never stopped laughing!

So this is what I wore. I was kinda worried about it, because when we were all in school, I was gangly, had giant frizzy hair, no dress-sense AT ALL and had a permanent red face, so it was important to me that they didn’t think I literally hadn’t changed at all!

Dudes, seriously …I mightn’t be much, but I have come a looooooooonnnngggggg way!!!!!!!lol!!!

So after several outfit changes and shopping around, I only decided on my outfit a half-hour before I was due to leave. The skirt is actually a dress, but the top of it is kind of disgusting so I transformed it. I got it in some random, and normally awful shop in town, and quite like it for its vintagey look. I was inspired by the H&M waistcoat in a Comme-de-Garcon moment, and the corsage was a nice touch, I thought ….Oh wait you can’t really see it in that picture …oh well! Scarf is an really old one from Awear and although you can’t see it, I’m wearing that Topshop necklace I wrote about yesterday, which I caved and bought! Wooooooo!

So anyway good times all round!


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  1. It’s funny how Swamp was such a cool shop in my teenage disco years and then as soon as I could actually properly afford stuff from there I realised it was crap!

    I like your outfit!

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