My Weekendly Update

Man, I hate having a bummed-out laptop cos it means I can do very little interneting when I’m at home, thereby rendering blogless during the weekend.

So I’m going to do a Weekend-Round-Up now, starting on Friday night, because everyone knows the weekend starts on a Friday!

Having to stay late in work, I arrived home in a less than cheerful mood unfortunately, and sat in silence for a couple of hours much to the annoyance of my mother who has never been able to grasp the concept of Quiet Time.

After a few cups of tea and some singing, I perked right up again, and prepared myself for our house’s annual tradition: The Late Late Toy Show. Every year since I was born, my family would gather around the TV at the start of December/very end of November and watch the Toy Show.

That was my favourite night when I was a kid (until a change in presenters kinda ruined it for me!!) and marked the true start of the Christmas season. I’ll be honest, I think my family have kinda grown out of the tradition and it’s doubtful they’d do it if I wasn’t so intent on the idea.

It was actually the best year since Pat ‘The Grinch’ Kenny took over, even tho he still hates the kids and has no sense of humour, so by the time I went to bed that night I was on a snow-covered cloud nine!

So my Saturday lie-in was brutally disrupted by having to pop into work. To be honest, I had to get up early anyway to go to the Oxfam Saturday Sale thingy with the girls, and although I wasn’t too excited about the Oxfam thing cos the stuff is never really that good, I was still annoyed at having to miss it cos of something stupid.


The whole point of the Saturday Trip was to visit the Vintage Markets in Temple Bar and it was a bitterly cold, icy day. To me, that’s the perfect weather (even if I do spend my time battling not to fall on my ass!) and as long as the rain holds off and the sun still shines, I’m as happy as a marshmallow in a cup of hot chocolate (that’s not going to be eaten by anyone, obviously!). However, when I arrived, it turned out that not every shared my enthusiasm for the weather and there was a battle between staying in “Indoor Shops” or going to the markets. Spoil sports.

When I arrived, the girls were in HMV and as well as picking up a couple of Christmas Presents, I completely over-indulged and bought not one, but TWO seasons of the Gilmore Girls. I can justify this though, because I bought Season 2 when it was on sale about three years ago, and ever since I’ve wanted other seasons and just haven’t had the money. On Saturday, Season 1 and 3 were on sale, so I thought “It’s about time I did this for me!!” and with Lyndsay’s approval I bought them.

After a prolonged trip to H&M and a splitting of the group, we trooped across to Temple Bar to get our vintage fix. On the way there, we spotted a camera shop and pushed Lyndsay in to FINALLY get film for her Diana Camera. I’m still dying with excitement and getting my Nikon after Christmas and will be doing my best to sniff out a Diana lens for it. Eeeeee can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Temple Bar is now one of my favourite places in Dublin, but I never remember until I’m in there that cobblestones SUCK unless you’re wearing hiking boots! However, if anyone even suggested getting rid of them, I’d be karate-chopping left, right and centre!

I didn’t buy anything in the Cows Lane Vintage Market. To be honest, I knew I wouldn’t buy anything, with my mind being set of proper Christmas present shopping, but I do love looking at the clothes and jewellery and hats. The market looked exceptionally beautiful with frost in the air, Christmas lights dangling over our heads and the Christmas trees dotting the lane.


This is a lovely picture of it, which Lyndsay sent me a wee while ago (I forgot my camera *shock/horror* and had to borrow hers). Here are some other parts of the market:



I also popped into an old furniture shop called Retrospect which makes me salivate a tad. I can’t wait to own a house so I can fill it with beautiful old furniture and trinkets (providing I can afford ANYTHING after giant mortgage repayments, obviously). I would like a room like this …well maybe with better curtains.

We checked out another smaller indoor market, but it was unimpressive to say the least, and after a quick and compulsory scout around Urban Outfitters, I bid my Bestie farewell, I wandered off on my own to buy some Christmas presents. Mum, Dad and Bestie can consider themselves sorted, but The Brother and The Boy are another story COMPLETELY!!!!! Stupid boys! Why can’t they just be girls, because then I could buy them a million prettiful things and they would love me instead of having to humour me!

I made it home in time for a mug of tea and a fry-up, and I’m ashamed to say that as I watched a frost-fog descend, I decided there was NO WAY I was heading to Choir -Sorry God. Instead I stayed in to watch Strictly Come Dancing, X Factor and Love Actually. Fun fun fun!

Sunday was as mellow a day as they come. I bundled up, made some tea, grabbed some of my mum’s divine home-made sausage rolls and plonked in front of the fire with two books I bought the day before; I Remember and The Secret Life of Bees. Both are now finished …lol!

The Secret Life of Bees is lovely. Can’t wait to see Dakota in the film; she’ll be neat!

After spending a rare day alone with books, I found I was incredibly introverted, broody, quiet and completely lost in my own thoughts, and while it’s a great feeling, I kinda felt a little ….melancholy. My childhood was spent reading like that, and looking back, no wonder I was such a shy and quiet kid: I must’ve just lived in my head!

So all in all it was a lovely weekend. Perfect weather. Perfect activities. Perfect food. I would’ve said it was a perfect weekend, only, well, it wasn’t cos it was missing someone.


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  1. Ah the photos! I totally forgot! I’ll get right on that…

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