My Daily Update

Well this is going to be a short one because not a whole lot happened yesterday.

Well it did and it didn’t …I’ll explain.

I spent the day in work, which was bleurgh. Then at 5 I was free and I met the Bestie to head off to the DCU Christmas Panto. On the way there I stopped in Oxfam’s Fair Trade shop to buy a new Christmas Star. I couldn’t find a proper picture of it online, but it is the same as the red one in this picture, except it’s bigger and has a gold coloured metal sprial base to sit on the tree. It’s nice and I felt like I’d done something good afterwards.

So then we bused it out to Santry and stopped in the EuroSpar to buy our sick friend Gary a care package. Here is what we bought:

  • Multi-vitamin juice to boost his immune system …mmm Vitamin C.
  • A pound on mince for iron to make him strong again.
  • Tea, because tea always makes you feel better.
  • Chicken soup for his soul.
  • Mars Bars because chocolate makes happy hormones, is good for your throat and Gary like Mars Bars.

So after so pasta, tea and toffeepops in the Boys’ we headed over to The Hub for the Panto Snowfinger.

I’m refusing to give a verdict on it yet, because apparently it was the first time they’d had a chance to run though it fully, and there’s a lot of newbies, and there were tech problems. I do, however, have great faith in them all and there’s some seriously good talent in there, so I’m going to the final show on Wednesday to see it all in full swing. The Boy is coming too. Poor him.



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2 responses to “My Daily Update

  1. Suz

    ha, I feel your pain. My boy is also coming on Wednesday!

  2. so little time, and so much to do – but it’s good you bought some tea. everything is better with tea at hand!

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