My Daily Update

I left work early yesterday and therefore was unable to blog about Tuesday. Trust me though, you didn’t miss much!! All that happened was that I went to choir that night and was really sad because we started our Christmas songs which I was really excited about, but they’re pretty awful ….we’re even doing an extremely high-pitched version of A Spaceman Came Travelling, but replacing the word ‘Spaceman’ with ‘Wisemen’ ….cringe!

So as I said, I left work early yesterday and got to spend some much-needed quality time with The Boy. It was a lovely relaxed day, filled with strolling and hot chocolate and window shopping. We went to the DCU Panto, Snowfinger, that night as I said I would and it was defintely an improvement on the Monday night version. The music was turned down so we could hear what people were saying (although I really do wish there were more songs in it!!!), the dancing was fine-tuned and the actors looked more comfortable.

The only things that kinda ruined it for me were the cocky attempts at improv which flopped and made everyone awkward, people forgetting their lines and poor lighting which they attempted to solve with one travelling spotlight, leaving most of the people on stage in darkness.

But these things really didn’t spoil the show. There were some fantastic performances and my favourite characters were the evil witch Camilla (Christine Kelly), The King (Barry Cannon) and Queen (Sadbh O’Donnell), Snowfinger (Clodagh Long), Prince Randy (Callum O’Riordan) and Gok Wan (sorry I don’t this guy’s name!!!)! Some priceless “Bend and Snap” moments mixed in with Britney there! There were some stunning vocals as well from Snow, Randy and the Fairy Queen and I was humming A Moment Like This all night!

I’m also going to take this oppotunity to say I kinda hate Bus Drivers and Taxi Drivers after my un-told experience on Monday morning. Here is the indignant email I sent friends as soon as I got into work ….

As I was walking to my bus stop, I passed a 3 bus that had people getting on, and I was like “Hmmmmm I wonder if that goes to Kildare St”. So I hopped on and said to the driver “Sorry, hi, do you go to Kildare St?” and he gave me this dirty irritated look, turned off his radio and was like “what!?” and I was ahhh “Uhm, do you go to Kildare St?” and he was like “Yeah” so I was “Ok thanks. €1.05 please.”

So I sat down upstairs and was like Dum dum dum dee da, and the likes, and all of a sudden I’m like “where the crap am I!!!???” he turned off to the left at Trinity, down Parnell Street area!!!!!!! I was like “Crap …this is odd ….ARGH!!!!!”. So knowing that I am prone to spontaneous panic, I attempted to be logical and was like “Well, he said we were going to Kildare St, and I paid €1.05 so he knows I don’t want to go very far and so it’s not like he could have got Kildare St mixed up with Belfield cos logic would’ve told him that I wouldn’t ask to go to Belfield and then only pay €1.05.” I am so wise.

And then I realised that there was no way to get to Kildare St even if he went around Trinity, and he’d have to do circles, which just wouldn’t make sense for a bus route.

So I went downstairs and was like OMG I’m heading to Ringsend, and decided I’d check with him at the next stop. So I went up and was like “Sorry, aren’t we going to Kildare St” and with the same irritated reaction of my previous questioning, he was like “This bus doesn’t go to Kildare St.” and I was like “Then why did you tell me it went to Kildare St when I asked ‘Does this go to Kildare St?’?” and he goes “I thought you said Sandymount” and I’m like “Why would I say Sandymount and then pay €1.05” and then he ignored me so I was like “Fine! Thanks a lot!” and he goes “You’re welcome” …..Oh ….my ….God!!!

So I had no idea where I was and wandered around for about 10mins and in the end I was like I actually really don’t have time for this, I’ll just get a taxi. So I flagged one down and hopped in and was like “Merrion Row please” and he laughs at me and then starts driving and then he goes “Bit too much of a walk for you or something?” and I was like “Sorry?” and he repeated it and I was like “Well I’ve no idea where I am” and he laughs again and he’s like “It’s the end of the road and then it’s on the right”. So I laughed and went No way and explained the story to him, which he cut me off half way through and was like “Are you visiting?” and I was like “No, I work on the street” and he started laughing at me again and was like “Oh you’d think you’d know your way around!” So understandably I was getting a bit pissed off at this stage and I was like “I do know how to get there obviously, but I’m never around THIS area. I was just trying out a new bus.” So the meter was nearly €4 and he was like “I’ll have to let you out at those traffic lights there and sure we’ll call it €2”. I was like “Oh no it’s grand” and gave him a fiver which he just pocketed and then started laughing again and was like “so where are you from” and I was like “Tallaght” and he’s like “Oh me too, I’m from Kilnamanagh” and then goes “HA ha ha, can’t believe you couldn’t get to your job. I must tell my wife there are still some dopes walking around out there.” ….I was genuinely speechless and then I was like “Well it was hardly my fault ….” and he cut me off again and was like “So what do you do? You in college?” and I was like “I just finished a degree in Journalism …obviously nothing to do with navigation” and he starts laughing and goes “Ha ha, yeah obviously, although shocking you managed to get a degree at all after this stupidity!!!!”

I nearly took his door off the hinge when I got out and was close to tears from anger!!!!

Can you even believe all that!??????????????



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2 responses to “My Daily Update

  1. Public transport is infuriating.

    My new year’s resolution is to learn how to drive.

  2. C

    I don’t THINK so! i’d reach back into his pocket and get that $$ back!!! I respect you soo much more for not losing your cool 😀

    I would have thrown a shoe. or something!

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