A Several-Day Update

Urgh, I haven’t posted in ages (well, 3 days …but that is a lot in blogsville!).

So what are my excuses? And what kind of crazy stories do I have from the 3-da-MIA?

Well, Friday was just a really busy day in work, so I didn’t get a chance to get on to WordPress, except to take a goo at all the improvements …not that impressive, I’ll tell you! The thing they really need to fix is the poor selection of themes and the complicated self-design processes, and it was probably the only think they didn’t change.

But anyway I made a conscious decision to blog during the weekend, and man, I should know better than to make plans, because lo and behold, I was struck down with the flu and I barely had the energy to get down the stairs, let alone write actual sensical words!

It was kind of depressing to be honest, because as soon as I woke up sick, I just had a craving to spend the day watching the Gilmore Girls. As the CD drive on my laptop is bust, I planned on grabbing a TV downstairs, but when I got down, my brother and dad were planted in front of the sitting room TV playing yet another wrestling game and my mum had obtained the dining room TV to watch her usual collection of hideous movies, like National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Because of this, the flu-ridden young adult was banished to her fridge of a room to stare at the wall, until she grabbed her laptop and came down to a slightly-less-cold-but-doubly-humid kitchen to organise the pictures she wanted to print. My photo collection is about the only thing that works on my laptop now.

Sunday was even more depressing, so I stayed in bed until about 3pm and then wandered miserably around the house coughing and sneezing. Realising that this was achieving NOTHING since the same people had coerced the same TVs to do the same crap things they did the day before, I went back to Fridge-Room to start making a Christmas present for The Boy (who seems to be ignoring me right now).

The most significant events of the weekend were (A) I discovered pockets in a skirt I’ve had for ages, and (B) My heart broke a little when Diana Vickers was unfairly booted off the X Factor. It was so upsetting and I really really really wanted her to win so she would make an album and I could listen to it over and over.

Here’s Diana’s final performance. Eoghan comes running out to her towards the end …some people are saying awhhhhh it’s so sad; others are saying Ooooo smart move, people will vote for you more now cos you’re so nice and sweet ….what do you think …?


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One response to “A Several-Day Update

  1. Don’t worry. Gary Barlow said if Simon doesn’t sign Diana then he will. Either way, she’s definitely got a record deal in the bag.

    I don’t think Eoghan ran on for extra votes! He loves her and was clearly upset that she’s gone!

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