Daily Update

Absolutely nada to report.

I am actually more sick then yesterday, although now my desk is sporting a rather adorable box of Kleenex. It’s the same size as this box but it’s green with pink lining and has lots of sheep. I originally went to the shop for the penguin box but they’d none left so I had to settle.

Last night I got home late from work after losing track of time in Easons. I bought American Vogue, Elle UK, a nice sturdy notebook, prit stick and colouring pencils, so good times in store as soon as I can recruit some energy.

When I finally got home, and had to turn down garlic chicken because of a dodgey stomach, I sat in to watch Corrie and Eastenders with my mum, for the sheer fact it was either that or Fridge-Room, and when my brother finally shifted his ass from the diningroom TV, I spent 3 hours watching the Gilmore Girls.

It was then that I made a life plan (yes, Lyndsay, ANOTHER life plan!) …I am going to win the lotto, and then build a house like the Gilmore Girl’s one with a big porch. I’m going to have a proper big upstairs though, cos I don’t really want anyone to have to sleep beside the kitchen, and then I’m going to have a spiral staircase leading up to the attic which is going to look like a proper old attic, but without the fibre glass, so it can be used as a room, but it feels like you’re going to come across treasure at any moment. My house will be filled with tonnes of books and blankets and films and pillows and throws. It will have a rocking chair in the sittingroom, and a love-seat in the porch (which I will obviously have to keep bringing in every night, because only stupid people leave unattended moveable property outdoors in Dublin!). There will be barely enough room to move in the house and this will make it seem really cosy and comfortable and as though your head will burst with creativity. I’m also going to have a mini, which I know doesn’t really match the house, but I really want a mini. The house will be covered in fairylights. I’m going to have a cat and dog and a penguin. And I’m going to pay someone to open a diner called Lukes. I will also have a bike with a basket on it. And a big tree with a tree house and a swing.



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4 responses to “Daily Update

  1. I laughed out loud at the penguin!

    Can there be a special room for me in this house for when I come to visit?

  2. ChickNamedHermia

    Yeah course ….that’s why I’m building the bigger upstairs!!!! 😀

  3. I LOVE The Gilmore Girls.

    I just love love love the programme.

    It is nice to see the Gilmore Girls recieving love

    I hope you feel better soon. x

  4. Sounds like a good plan 😉

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