I Love Rock and Roll

The other night I got a text from my friend Rory asking me if I wanted to come see Gogol Bordello.

“Who?” I replied.

“The band Gogol Bordello!” he replied. “Do you know them!?”

I had to laugh. Yet another of my super-cool friends’ indie/undercrowd/breakout/etc bands.

Eventually he had to laugh at himself for even asking: “Ha ha, yeah I forgot how ‘old’ and ‘musical’ orientated you are!”.

Nail-On-Head, my friend!

I’ve never been an up-to-date music person. I’m forever stuck in the past, raiding my childhood for memories of music my parents played and going further back again to soundtracks of old films I love.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do love me my Britney. And there’s nearly always one or two current acts I like -provided they’re cheesy enough, of course!

I guess I pick and choose. Right now my playlist consists of:


Bruce Springsteen

Pink Floyd

Katy Perry


Spring Awakening Soundtrack

Frank Sinatra

Stevie Nicks

Moulin Rouge Soundtrack

Legally Blonde: The Musical Soundtrack

Schuyler Fisk


Joshua Radin



Assortment of 80s hits, including George Michael, Men at Work, Boy George, Belinda Carlisle….and a whole lot more!

I enjoy my eclectic, ecentric taste. It means I never feel constricted and I always have something to suit my mood, which is always good.

Last year, my poor roomies had to endure my Back-to-the-90s kick, where I blared my childhood disco bands, like B*Witched, Steps, Billie Piper, Boyzone, etc. Please those guys ….they actually began to warm to it, at which point I had moved onto another phase.

However, despite my love of soothing songstresses, acoustic boys, the sweet and the pretty, the happy and the boppy, and the old and the swinging, I am a classic rock gal at heart.

Meatloaf, Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Bonnie Tyler, Stevie Nicks, Suzi Quatro, Journey ….mmmmmmmmmm! Love it all!


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  1. You’re so eclectic. And I like that.

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