Daily Update

Not a whole lot happened yesterday! Shocker …lol!

I did head to the cinema with The Boy last night though. We gave Four Christmases a go, and while it brought some Lols, I intend to never watch it again! On the plus side, it did manage to put me in an even Christmassier mood, which is a good thing.

After that we headed to out usual haunt for some chocolate malts, where I nearly knocked the waiter over when I jumped out of my seat …can’t actually remember why I did, but I did. Fortunately, the people who work there are WELL used to use at this stage and so don’t even bat an eyelid at this stage!

Amused myself in work today as best I could rumagin through Perez and Bebo and all the links on my blogroll and Pink Is The New Blog, even though it’s terrible.

Gotta say I’m loving this Christina Aguilera shoot from the Autumn issue of Citizen K. This is the only full image I can find though, but if you want to see the rest of them, there are some images on Foto Decadent, which were photographed straight out of the magazine and therefore not that great quality.

And Meteor have just made my day by sending me a Happy Christmas text ….Love those guys ….Free texts and Christmas cheer …my own family aren’t that nice to me!lol!



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3 responses to “Daily Update

  1. Oh I watched Four Christmases online the other day! I thought it was ok but yeah, probably wouldn’t watch it again.

  2. I keep seeing ads for Four Christmases everywhere – I should proabably see it one day hehe. The Christina shoot looks awesome!

  3. Four Christmases was fairly crap, alright.

    I liked when Reese Witherspoon beat up the kids though. And when she smacked the baby’s head.

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