Daily Update

Wow work has been annoyingly busy over the last few weeks. I don’t mind having to work (sure it’s what they pay me for, innit?), but it’s the fact that all the work comes in at the same time in the morning so I’m swamped, and then banging my head off a wall to blank out the sheer boringness of it all after lunch.

Anyway I had an incredibly mellow weekend.

I went into town on Saturday to finish off my Christmas shopping, which I didn’t actually do!lol! But I do know exactly what I have left to get, so I’m picking the last two presents up after work tonight.

I picked up a lovely Christmas pudding from the Temple Bar farmers’ market, which my family loved, and I located a crepe and waffle house in the Jervis centre, where I treated myself to a Canadian crepe and coffee. I very rarely drink coffee, but when I’m strolling around in the cold, I always get a craving.

On top of a few presents, I also bought myself a copy of J.K Rowling’s Tales of Beedle the Bard. Now I know this is Harry Potter, and I know it’s for charity, and I know it’s a children’s fairytale book, but quite frankly I was disappointed and I have never said that about any of the Harry Potter books (with a slight exceptiong the second, which I just felt was too messy and over-technical, but I wasn’t disappointed in it, just don’t like it very much!). But Beedle the Bard just really isn’t that good. It feels kind of lazy -you know, done for the sake of it.

It’s also reeealllllllyyyy short.

That night I went to choir for the first time in what seems years, and performed our tea-drinking ritual afterwards. This was combined with X Factor results (oohhh shocker ….Alex won …didn’t see it coming ….whatever ….) and several discussions about getting take-aways.

Sunday was spent indoors, mainly because I didn’t want to get properly dressed and also because I wanted to give my face a make-up free day (as an act of charity, I never leave the house without make-up).

So I sat in a spent the day getting through those Gilmore Girls box sets (45 45-minute episodes take a while) and watching Meet Me In St Louis ….LOOOOOVVVEEEE IIIITTTTTT!!!!!!



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2 responses to “Daily Update

  1. I’ve never seen Meet Me In St Louis properly. I really should.

  2. Suz

    I saw the stage version once and HATED it. But then again there was no Judy Garland in the stage version…so I may need to check this out!

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