Sing Me To Sleep

I’m currently in mild love with this song. I found it at the right time ….it’s really striking the right chord with me (lol …geddit!!?? Right chord!???? Bah ha ha ha ha ha!!!)



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2 responses to “Sing Me To Sleep

  1. suz143

    Love the J-raz. 🙂

  2. Jason Mraz is brilliant isn’t he?

    I loved Buffy. I still do though. I feel a bit silly liking the whole Twilight thing because I think I only like it because of the whole Buffy/Angel comparisions and not on its own merits.

    Obsessions, my youngest sister is very obsessive about gosh Titanic, Leo, Kate, 101 Dalmations, 102 Dalmations, Doctor Who, Buffy, Angel – it goes on, believe me.

    But I can understand your Gilmore Girls obsession 🙂 x

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