I’ve Always Depended on the Kindness of Strangers…

During my time on this earth my mum has passed down a fair few things to me: my love of 80s music, Dirty Dancing, Grease, a good scone recipe, The Bangles, Blondie, and the lyrics to the Shoop Shoop song, among other things.

One thing she did give me was an appreciation for Vivien Leigh, best known for her turn as Scarlet O’Hara in Gone with the Wind.  Personally, I never really liked this film. It’s way too long and drawn out, and the majority of the character make me want to tear my hair out (I’m looking at you Assshhhhley and Melanie!), but despite this Vivien (and Clark Gable) still shone.

Vivien Leigh commands such attention and respect, even on the screen (even on Youtube on my computer screen) that you can’t help but love her. I watched A Streetcar Named Desire yesterday, after Style Rookie decided to dress up as Blanche Dubois and after I watched The Simpsons’ A Streetcar Named Marge -you gotta love Flanders: “Steeell-llaaa, Steeeell-llaaaa, you make me wanna yeeell-llaaaa …Stella!”

But ANYWAY!! The film is amazing. Marlon Brando (pity bout Guys and Dolls, dude, but I guess we’ve all been there!) and Vivien Leigh were AWESOME!!! I just loved it. Blanche was terrifying and it’s all just so heart-wrenching. I just love a good black-n-white movie, there’s nothing like greyscale to create some kick-ass tension.

Plus Vivien always gets the cool memorable last lines:

A Streetcar Named Desire: “I’ve always depended on the kindness of strangers.”

Gone with the Wind: “After all, tomorrow is another day…”

So I’m going to buy the actual play over the weekend, because even though the film stuck to the original, there were a few bits and pieces left out.

So I’ve decided that one of my life ambitions is now to direct a production of A Streetcar Named Desire, along with A Doll’s House …but not all at the same time cos that’s just tiring!



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3 responses to “I’ve Always Depended on the Kindness of Strangers…

  1. your mother seems wonderful!
    i’m not very pleased about my self, i haven’t yet watched a movie with Brando…that’s too bad…

  2. We had to read A Streetcar Named Desire in High School – I saw the movie then (mostly for Brando) and I was really impressed with Vivian Leigh. I thought she was gorgeous in Gone With The Wind but in Streetcar, she really flexed her acting muscle.

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