Christmas Catch Up

Hi Gang!!

So I’d been feeling quite guilty for not blogging since one of my last days in work, and have just realised that the vast majority of the blogging community have been neglecting their duties just as much as me, so Hurrah!!!!

Well Happy Christmas to you all!

I must admit I’m terribly bored at present. Days off are fab when they’re precious and few, but when one is confronted with 9 days off work, one becomes very bored, very quickly, especially when said days off are at the quietest time of year, when people have gone back home or to New York for a pre-living-there holiday (Come home Lyndddsssaaayyyyy) and nothing is properly opened.

One plus of the days off though, were my being able to spend a lot of much needed time with The Boy, which more than makes up for the loss of brain cells I’ve endured during these empty days!

Anyway, the two of us have decided to take matters in hand after seeing Yes Man in the cinema the other night (surprisingly good watch, btw!) and we’ve dedicated tomorrow to new and random and spontaneous things! Granted we’ve planned a few activities already, but they’re just to give us some foundations.

I’ve just realised I haven’t painted the best picture of my Christmas holidays!!! Believe me, it’s only since yesterday I’ve been bored, and that’s only because I thrive on being busy!

I was showered in amazing gifts from books on Audrey Hepburn and Judy Garland, to a Roald Dahl calendar, to a Learn to Play Guitar book, to DVDs, money and sweets! It really was fantastic ….thank you SO much everybody!

I also treated myself in the sales and FINALLY purchased my NIKON D60 -can I hear some cheering crowds please and thank you! I also bought a new and much needed laptop which ACTUALLY WORKS, so yay to being a working girl!!!!! So I’m quite overwhelmed with stuff right now, but after 21 years of poverty I’m willing to not be guilty! (actually that’s a lie, and I gave a lot of money to charity over the festive season to help reduce the guilt!!lol!)

I took my shiney new Nikon to the park the other day to test it out and got some pretty pics! The Boy also helped …..





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