First Post of 2009

I’ve actually never been a huge New Year’s fan, but I suppose it’s nice for people to have when they feel the need for a fresh start! All that’s bothering me is that we’re coming to the end of a decade, which just makes me realise how quickly the years of the life are slipping away …..yes, I know, I’m a pretty ancient 21!lol!

Anyway, as I said in the last post, myself and The Boy (he’s pointed out that being referred to as The Boy is slightly offensive as it’s not his actual name ….so, I’m going to continue to use it!) had planned to have a spontaneous day of firsts yesterday! It worked out quite well with it being the last day of the year, so there was a nice feeling of taking care of some unfinished businessness and achieving some last-minute goals …even if we’d never any intention of fulfilling these particular goals!lol!

hpim4708So with both of us armed with cameras (he was carrying my old one, so he could try actually taking pictures of a day rather than complaining about pictures being taken), stop one was breakfast at a little cafe in Temple Bar where I’ve been trying to get a Full American Breakfast since I discovered it with Lyndsay during the summer (I didn’t get the breakfast THAT day either, even though I did order it …..*fumes*). On the way there, we were forced to make a drugs stop in Boots as The Boy had the beginnings of the flu, but being the trooper he is, refused to cancel our day. Turned out it was still a first as he had never bought his own cold and flu tablets before. We also made a stop in Argos to buy a new backpack …yet another first for him, as he’d never been to Argos!

So after these very important purchases were made, we headed to the cafe, which *shock horror* was full, so we couldn’t eat there. Not letting this get us down (that’s such a lie, I was fuming!lol!), we located another cafe where were got breakfast crepes and I made my own slightly unorthadox verson of the Full American Breakfast I’d been denied (eggs and bacon in a crepe topped with maple syrup).


hpim4765The next stop was the Random Bus Trip. We went to Dublin Bus and decided to chose a random bus timetable. The Boy came up with the genius idea of us pressing random buttons on his phone to come up with the bus route, and after several attempts, which were either buses that didn’t exist or ones that took us back home, we hit 4# which was obviously a sign we were to get the 4a bus! Since I had lived and gone to college on the Northside part of that route we went in the Southside direction. We initially planned to stay on for 25mins and then hop off, no matter where we were, but we spotted the sea after about 18mins and in keeping with the theme of the day, spontaneously hopped off the bus!

It was quite a successful idea, and after wandering around the park for a while, taking random pictures, and with him rolling down a hill, we headed towards the sea, which actually wasn’t that impressive and it was more harbour-land than beach-land …..but we did put our lives in danger on a scary skanger bridge to get there, so that was an experience!


hpim4795Next stop was the Marks and Spencers we spotted on our way into the park to get food for an impromtu picnic. We grabbed food randomly: breadrolls (which turned out to be wholemeal), yoghurts (on of which I dropped and ran away from as it had exploded all over the ground), ginger ale (in honour of the adventurous Famous Five), apples (cos one of us had mentioned fruit at one stage), butter (for the bread), chocolate muffins (they were on sale!) and a big bag of cheese and onion crisps (the only flavour we could agree on!). We also bought some sushi, because The Boy’s challenge for the day was to eat a small piece of veggie sushi (mine was to go on the Ferris Wheel, but we’ll get to that later!).

We we parked our bums beside the lake in the park and started making crisp sandwiches and the likes. The Boy/Greg spent about 10mins gagging on a piece of veggie sushi but eventually and full of pride (and water) he ate it. The rest of the time was spent feeding the swans and ducks and gangsta-seagulls.


Then we headed back into town to get the Luas to Smithfield for the Ferris Wheel. I have a crippling fear of heights and as soon as I spotted the Wheel, I was in bits and was like OMFG, k I have to do this NOW or I’ll run away! at which point, he decided he needed to pee. 20mins of my fear-ridden agony was spent strolling around for a place to pee, but to no avail, and by the time I eventually persuaded him to go back to the Wheel, it had closed!lol!


dsc_0106So we decided we’d go see a random film in the cinema, and hopped back on the Luas to Tallaght. The cinema was also closed (Stupid New Year’s Eve). While wandering around thinging of something to do before we went for pizza, we spotted some prize machines (the ones with The Claw), and The Boy was like I’ll win you something!! He only had €2 in change so we said we’d only use that, knowing we wouldn’t get anything and not wanting to waste money. So I went around the six or so machines and they were all kind lame, bar one that had Winnie the Pooh toys so I was like “K the only one I’d really want is the Eeyore toy in this”. Attempt one was a bust and we were like “wow …shocker” and he was like “Sure we might as well use the second go” and HE WON!!!!!! Oh how we cheered and angered the guy next to us who’d wasted loads of money on another one in trying to impress is girlfriend.

We celebrated with a trip to a pizza place called Papa John’s (my first), which I’d refused to go to previously out of principle that The Boy/Greg and our friend Daniel had spent over a year telling me it was waaaaaayyy better than Dominos. Turned out it wasn’t actually better but was still pretty good and would do as a back-up if Dominos ever mysteriously disappeared off the face of the earth!

So I ended the night by falling asleep on a chair by the fire ….the perfect day to end a turbulent year! 😀




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7 responses to “First Post of 2009

  1. Aw, sounds like an epic adventure.

  2. Oh you guys… *smiles*

    Although Greg had never been to Argos???

  3. ChickNamedHermia

    He has since claimed that he has BEEN to Argos, but just never bought anything there …I dunno how much of that to believe though ….lol!

  4. This post makes me miss Marks & Spencer, and basically living in England. Thanks for visiting my little blog and happy new year to you!

  5. Sounds like such an amazing day! I love the idea of a random bus trip – must do that one day! And yay for the Eyeore toy, I don’t know anyone who has claw skills!

  6. Looks like it was a great day :).

  7. Is there anything that doesn’t taste better smothered in maple syrup?

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