How do you measure a year…?

Well last night I decided to have a quiet night in, which I felt was deserved after the tiring week I’ve had. *dramatic sigh*

I decided to catch up on my Stuff Book, and so grabbed about 3 months worth of magazines, some prit stick and random coloured things and plonked down at the kitchen table.

Always one for background noise, I brought my laptop along for the ride (and you might have gathered after reading my Fourth Picture post) and stuck on some Bruce ….mmmm, American Rock ….REAL American Rock for you posers out there!

However, as the each new track replaced an old one, something didn’t feel right.

I snip-snipped away at magazines and realising I was missing an old issue of Vogue, I ran up to my room to locate it. Finally I came across it in my GIANT box of DVDs, (which has actually split down one side and is more a-box-and-floor of DVDs now) and as I lifted the magazine, I realised my copy of Rent was laid perfectly beneath it.

It was a sign.

So I put it on my laptop, and everything was right with the world! I sang away for the whole movie, despite my mother interupting with her usual “Grease is the only decent musical” line and felt as though I’d been reunited with an old friend! God I’d love to go back and see it on Broadway again!

I think all of my current DCU Drama friends talking about their up-coming production of Rent in the Helix and lodged itself in my subconscious!

By the by, check out their website


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One response to “How do you measure a year…?

  1. I’ve never seen rent before but for some reason I still know the words to a few of the songs! Love a bit of Bruce too! 🙂

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