I’m Back

I’m so very angry at myself for not having posted in at least a week!

I was doing so well, with near-daily blogging and then *kerschmack* work expects me to work and I have no time for blogging! *kerschmack* my brother keeps downlaoding a ridiculous amount of stuff and cutting out the internet before I get home! Although to be very honest after 8+ hours in front of a computer, I have very little will to continue the activity by the time I’m on home turf!

But anyway!!!!

I had a some potential blogs in my head that I’m going to try and speed-out now while I have 15mins, but first of all, I’m going to tell you about my weekend through an email I sent to Lyndsay earlier on. I feel it’s better in a quickly-typed-email form than a carefully constructed piece of literary art (and also I have a lot of blogging to do with very little time)!!!! All you need to know before reading this is that myself and The Boy went to Wicklow for the weekend …..

It was so nice!

The weather was manky, so we actually didn’t leave our room from 7pm Friday til 12.10pm today, except to collect a take-away from downstairs!!!
OH and the hotel was HAUNTED!!!!
It was actually really scary!!!
It was kinda in the middle of nowhere (well unless you drove, I suppose) and it had this mad windy path up to the hotel on this hill and when we arrived it was so dark and eerie!! And our taxi driver was really weird, and was like “So you haven’t been here before” as we were going up the path, and we were like “Eh no” ….and he’s like “I see ….look out for the porter” and we were like “what?” …and he says “just take a look at him” and kinda gives us this weird look in the mirror …..it was soooooooo creepy!!!
And then the reception dude was a little odd and kept calling Greg “Miiiiiiiister Goggins” and being weird!
AND THEN we got out of this weird oldy wood-panelled lift and stepped into The Shining! I swear it had this long windy corridor and similar carpet and this weird mirror that must’ve been at an odd angle cos if you’d look back, one of us would be missing and there looked like there was too big a gap and you or the other person wasn’t reflecting. But anyway we stepped out and both kinda halted and I was like “Christ does this kinda remind you of The Shining?” and Greg was like “YES!!!!” And our room was right at the end so we were really freaked out walking down and like if any kids appear, I’m running!!!!!!
And there was a crazy storm all night (howling wind, the works!) and our room looked out on a bushy hill so it was a bit head-wrecking.
And then the next day, it was about 2pmish and the next thing our phone rang and we both jumped, but didn’t move towards it, and it rang again so I pushed Greg out to answer it and just after it rang the third time, he answered it and was like “Hello?” ….no reply ….”Hello?” ….crackling ….”Hello? ….hello?” and I’m holding my breath and he kinda looks at me and the next thing there’s massive banging on the door! I actually nearly cried!!! And then there was another bang and someone goes “Accomadation” ….it was cleaners or something! We like “WE’RE FINE!!!!!!!!!!” It was so scary ….like that night we were broken into!
So then we ordered a take-away and neither of us wanted to go down alone or stay in the room alone so we had to head down together and we were carefully walking down the corridor and the next thing we hear a child’s voice ….I swear I nearly bolted! Turned out there were kids in one of the rooms, but my God!!!
Lol so that was my weekend!!!!



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3 responses to “I’m Back

  1. Oh, I’d almost forgotten about that night we were broken into! And then the security man throwing stones at our window!

    Welcome back to the blogosphere 😛

  2. Greg

    cant wait for the new NTL contract to kick in 😛

  3. ninjaconor

    Wasn’t the old woman in the post office in Postman Pat called Mrs. Goggins? I demand that you marry this Greg character so that I can make that joke about you!

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