Life Saver

I cannot begin to describe how awesome my new find is!

Well, it’s new for me even if it isn’t new for the rest of the girl world!

I was looking for something online last week and came across an internet forum on Dry Shampoo. Every girl on it was like Brilliant Brillian Brilliant, so I said I’d give it a shot!

My hair is kinda dry, and I’m only supposed to wash it every 4/5 days otherwise it gets into really bad condition! But I’ve found that despite having dry hair, by fringe can look quite manky around the 3 Day mark and this is a little embarrassing.

So I found Mark Hills Dry Shampoo in Boots and took it for a test drive that night, and it is actually amazing!!! After 2 mins your hair is soft and looks WAY less oily …and it also doesn’t leave loads of white powder like the Forum Girls were saying some do!!

Hair People, I salute you! Woohoo!



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2 responses to “Life Saver

  1. Woohoo! I plan on picking up the James Brown one in Boots when we’re in London ‘cos the one in Tralee doesn’t have it!

  2. I love that stuff it’s fantastic!

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