O……m ……G!!!

After waiting for two-plus years, imagine my absolute delight to visit Ticketmaster today to look for a potential concert for me and my mum (no luck yet!!!!) and to find that tickets for a Joshua Radin gig in The Sugar Club are going on sale this week!!!!!!!!!!

I fell in love with his music when I heard some songs on Scrubs and once he was properly recommended by a real-life person, there was no turning back!!!

And finally FINALLY he is coming to see me in Ireland (that’s right ….he’s coming just for me) and I will hear him live ……

*squeeeeeeeeeeelllllls of delight*

And I even have Suz for company already!!!!!!!

Here, revel in Joshua’s awesomeness with one of my favourite songs….



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3 responses to “O……m ……G!!!

  1. Aw yay! That’s brillers!

  2. suz

    woop woop – bring. it. on.

  3. suz

    Did ya get ur ticket yet, didya??

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