You Know You Love Me

I was soooooo happy with yesterday’s episode of Gossip Girl!!

Season 2 has been really disappointing and a much lower standard than it’s debut season that kept us hooked! Recently I found I was watching it out of habit ….and for the clothes, of course! But there was an improvement with last week’s episode, and this week it was back up at the highs it became famous for!!

This was hugely thanks to the fact that Blair and Chuck were mirroring their last season-selves far more closely than they have been …and it paid off!

Oh I’m so very happy!

Well except for the fact that Serena is still a giant pain in the ass! She was so cool last year!

Also, here’s a song I found months and months ago on Perez. It’s Leighton Meester doing a cover of Bette Davis Eyes (the video is just some fan tribute!). It’s different to the original, which I love,  yet still good!



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2 responses to “You Know You Love Me

  1. Blair the bitch is back! Woo! I really liked Serena’s hair and coat at school and then she changed into a too-tight dress for the opera… And I just noticed HOW annoying her voice is.

  2. I watched the first four episodes tonight. I’m waaaaay behind y’all.

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