On Thin Ice

I am an avid fan of Dancing on Ice. Last year, I was completely and utterly hooked, and I’ve been really annoyed that since the show started up again this year, I haven’t been able to see it! 😦

I was trying to catch up on the routines during work today, and found Ray Quinn’s performance from Week 1.

He ….is …..amazing!!!!!!!!!!

I despised him when he competed in X Factor. To be honest, it wasn’t really his fault -it was just that myself and my roomies felt he had no business being in the competition and was only there because he was young and cute (Eoghan Quigg syndrom …although at least Eoghan had a personality!).

But anyway, when he realises how terrible his music career will be, at least he’ll have Ice Skating to fall back on! 😀



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2 responses to “On Thin Ice

  1. I loved Ray! He was so much fun!

    Danni wasn’t his mentor though ‘cos she wasn’t in it ’til the following year with Leon etc.

  2. ChickNamedHermia

    Omg that’s right!! I just got the years mixed up!!! Both of them were equally terrible tho, so the point still stands!!!!!!

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