I Heart Books

I’ve been caught up in the Twilight whirlwind this week.

I was browsing through Waterstones last Saturday and the first Twilight book was in the 3 for 2 section, and as I had two, I said “What the hell ….I’ll give in and join the craze”.

I started reading it that night and finished it the next morning and was pretty much hooked! On the way home from London, I bought the other three books in the airport and despite working full-time and having to do inconvenient things like hang out with The Boy 😛 I finished them all off by this afternoon! I also went to see the movie on Wednesday, just to be thorough.

The verdict?

Twilight = Really Good.

New Moon = Good.

Eclipse = Good.

Breaking Dawn = AMAZING!!!!

The Film = Overwhelmingly disappointing

As I announced in a room of my friends, the series is good but not really worth all the hype (it really isn’t Harry Potter) although I think that if I’d read it as a teeny-bopper I would have been obsessed with it because of the sexy parts. 😀

The writing is sloppy, the plot links are a little try-hard and the main three characters annoy me until the last book. Still though, it’s a damn good story and very much worth reading, but stay away from the film ….even if Robbie P is quite tempting!


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One response to “I Heart Books

  1. specialista

    i so totally agree!!
    i found breaking dawn to be the best…
    and the movie is an awwwffuull flop!!
    have u read midnight sun? its even more amazing!!

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