Yet Another Return


Man, I have been seriously negligent of my blog recently!!

The main reason is that work has suddenly become unbearably busy, which means a serious lack of blogging time during my previously only blogging time…but I suppose they are paying me, right.

On top of that, when I get home I’d either (A) rather shoot myself than go back online, (B) have no internet and not be ABLE to even if I wanted, or (C) be having a real-life life!

Also there’s this Bouncing Balls game on Facebook that has me obsessed!

So anyhoo, a quick catch-up is called for!

Monday and Tuesday were spent in London with Lyndsay for a last Hurrah before she heads off to NY. Gotta say I was AMAZINGLY unimpressed with London. The shops weren’t that great despite their reputations, I was a little scared a lot of the time and Brick Lane was one of the biggest let-downs of my life.

How-and-Ever … was all worth it because we went to see Spring Awakening and even though there was a slight mix-up with our seats, it’s one of the most amazing shows I’ve ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!

The cast was amazing, the music was amazing, the set was amazing and the choreography was amazing. I laughed and cried and gasped and sighed like a bi-polarer on speed!

Here’s the performance of the Broadway cast at the Tony’s…

So apart from that, nothing much else going on …just planning the stuff that is going to happen during the rest of the month! *wink*


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