Snow Deal

There is very little in this world that will make me as excited as snow does, so you can imagine my pure joy to wake up on Monday morning to see everything coated in a hefty layer of snow!

I pracitically skipped through the estate to the Luas, delighted to find my shoes covered in fluffy white snow. It was sticking -hurrah!

I brought my Nikon along too to take some snaps. I love where I live because it’s like a little fairyland tucked away from the world and at times of snow, it always lasts the longest there. However, imagine my dismay when I found the perfect shot and subsequently realised I’d left my memory card in my laptop!

But no matter; at least I was getting a chance to enjoy the small bit of snow I figured would have disappeared before noon. Heading to town on the tram, the snow lessened and eventually disappeared into pools of ice water, which I plodded through dejectedly while walking to my bus.

Why must I live in a place where snow actually sticking is considered a blizzard!?

However, while going home I realised that the snow was increasing the further we got from the city and when I landed in my hometown, I was ecstatic to find nearly a foot of snow in my fairyland! I practically ran home and across the field, burst into my house to demand that somebody was to come out and build a snowman with me!

Well so much for my good mood lasting. My mum was sick, my dad not bothered, my brother forbidden because of up-coming exams, my friends a 40-min icy walk away and The Boy playing football.

I spent the night sulking in my room.

Sone  later texting with The Boy built up my hopes for being kinda snowed in the next day and therefore having the day off work to throw snowballs and make snow angels!

So imagine my pure sorrow when I woke up to find rain trickling down. The snow was still there, but would probably be slush within a couple of hours. And so I trudged miserably to work through the rain and the snow and the black ice, got to the office and realised I wasn’t get my lunch break because half the staff decided there was  far too much snow to come into work. ‘Snowed in’ my ass!

And so after a misearable day of working non-stop in stressful situations, knowing every second was depleting the snow supply further, I trudged back home through the rain and the semi-slushy snow and the increased amount of black ice, slipped, crashed down on my knee and am now in immense pain.

Today, I am in work.

Do you ever feel that the world targets you as soon as it senses you’re happy?

But despite all that, I am actually in a cynically good mood today, cos I get to spend the evening with The Boy in non-icy terrain!


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