Just for Joey

I spotted this dress  in H&M in London, and clutching the last available one to me, I declared I must have it, ignoring dagger-layered glares from Lyndsay who had a list of clothes to find, and whose efforts were proving in vain.

But anyway!

I loved all the layering in it, which made it feel like a child’s treasured blanket-and-best friend. However once I got it back to safety of Dublin, I realised that depite it being a Size 10 and me being tall, it made me look like a giant!

Also, I was so blinded by my love-at-first-sight that I realised baby blue is not a good colour for me!

Impulse buying at its worst!

It’s still lovely to look at though, so at least it’s got some aesthetic/decorative purposes! 😦



Filed under Fashion

3 responses to “Just for Joey

  1. I love this outfit, very fashion forward
    lovely blog

  2. her hair is perfection…i simply need those waves 🙂

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