Your mission, should you chose to accept it …

….and I accept it.

It was a mission I  set myself from the age of about 5, and I’ve decided that I’m finally putting the plan in action.

As a child, I had a best friend who lived on my road. This best friend had an older sister. This older sister was incredibly spoiled and a typical Little Madame. We did not spend much time with said sister.

However, despite my disdain for this girl, she did have a beautiful collection of Sylvanian Families and it’s probably the only thing I’ve every been really jealous of. Even at that age I was proud, so y dislike for the girl made it impossible for me to pretend to be her friend so that I could play with the lust-worthy dolls house.

Coming out of the 80s, money wan’t exactly abundant in my house, and Sylvanian Families were incredibly expensive then, so starting my own collection was out of the question, and so, the days of my youth were spent deprived of the world’s prettiest toys. Now it hardly scarred me for life, but to this day everytime I see them I feel a little pang in my heart.

And so, during a literally PAINED visit to a toystore on Saturday with Pam and her brother (six-year-olds are easily excited and incredibly violent), on coming across the Sylvanian section, I made pact with myself that slowly-but-surely I will fulfil that childhood dream ….*dramatic stance combined with gazing into the distance* 😀



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6 responses to “Your mission, should you chose to accept it …

  1. I always wanted Sylvanian Families too… *sob*

  2. ChickNamedHermia

    You can come and look at mine … touching though.

  3. I love Sylvanian families… I only owned one figure… it was a squirrel I think and it lost its dress and some of its felt skin… and then it got lost altogether. x

  4. I remember playing with something similar when I was little.

  5. But it’s no fun if you can’t touch!!!!!

  6. Laura

    I just discovered your blog a while back and have so enjoyed reading it! I loved Sylvanians too! They were really hard to find in Washington state where I’m from and I remember hoarding the few I had. Now my nieces and nephews play with them and I always watch over them nervously to make sure “nothing bad” happens to me little bear family…

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