Green with Envy

I love the new collection of recycled bits and bobs in Urban Outfitters ….God I wish I lived in America ….or that UK Urban Outfitters wasn’t so lame….

Clever plastic vase, formed from recycling materials, and then covered in recycled coils of magazine pages.$18.00

Adorable recycled Flower Hooks, each unique and crafted from recycled tin, with a curved iron hook at the bottom. $10.00

Planet-friendly recycled rice bag totes (come in different sizes and styles). $10-14.00

These unique throw pillows  are recycled rice sack on one side, and soft tonal cotton on the other. $20.00

Large round mirror, with a frame made from coiled recycled magazine pages.$52.00


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One response to “Green with Envy

  1. Oh the vase and hooks are beautiful, and that mirror is phenomenal! A little pricey, but on the up-side, it’s very easy to use your own recycled material and make similar pieces. 😉


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