Fashion Victims

The first time I saw somebody wearing these about a month ago, I really did think it was just a pathetic cry for attention. The girl fit the bill: the too-short t-shirt ‘dress’, the mullet-style over-straightened hair backcombed to frizz, platform boots and fishnets …oh and electric pink Shutter Shades.

A couple of weeks later, I noticed more and more teens with these electric-coloured monsters perched their noses and after some deft googling, I realised that they are considered ‘fashion’ at present thanks to a Mr West. And considering that Ireland is one of the last English-Speaking places to receive new fashions, it scares me to think that these glasses lasted ANY amount of time.

Guess it’s true that money can’t buy taste ….



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3 responses to “Fashion Victims

  1. Suz

    haha they were sold on every corner in New York over the summer. I’ve tried a pair on – and they make you feel really sick…imagine wearing them after a few drinks?! Ridiculous.

  2. I don’t know why people wear them in real life. They looked cool in the Kanye West video and they’d be a fun prop for photos but seriously, they’re completely pointless! They don’t keep the sun out and they obscure your vision.

  3. Yeah, it was cool when Kanye did it but that was almost two years ago.

    We Irish are tragic.

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