I’ll Cover You

Gotta say I love this outfit but it’s NOT something I ever thought I’d see GaGa wear.

Where’s all the skin, Missy? Finally starting to feel the cold?

It kinda makes her seem more human and I don’t like that: I loved the fact she always seemed a little cracked!

Oh well!

At least I can FINALLY listen to her whole album, which I purchased quite legally on iTunes last night.

I also bought Lily’s new album, and je suis unimpressed. Some good tracks, very few great tracks. Plus it annoyed me that two of the tracks were just really crap acoustic versions of The Fear and He Wasn’t There. Normally I’m all about the acoustics and live performances (I LOVED the live version of Alphabeat’s Go Go!!!) but The Fear was just flat, and He Wasn’t There didn’t actually sound that different to the original!

Methinks Lily’s a-scamming!


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