In The Spotlight

I found this picture of Dakota Fanning when looking up stuff about Coraline, which I can’t WAIT to see. I tried to get tickets for the show at the Jameson Film Festival, but alas, I was too late.

Anyway, call me completely clueless, but I’ve no idea what this picture is for but I really like it, mainly for the room it’s set in. Oh and also because it makes me happy that Dakota has grown up SO well and is not a dirty mess of a person, who thinks she can get away with it by blaming it on the fact she was too famous too young (here’s looking at you, Kirsten!).

This photo led me on to other Dakota pics, and it’s only right now I appreciate just how good she is to photograph (not in a creepy way!!!!!).



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3 responses to “In The Spotlight

  1. I didn’t recognize her… she looks awesome!

  2. I wish I was that pretty when I was her age… Wait, no… I wish I was that pretty NOW

  3. Just came across your blog and am loving it! Wanted to say hi and say that i completely agree – Dakota Fanning has grown up to be stunning young woman.

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