Good Idea, Bad Idea


Investing in the new Neutrogena Wave  (even if  it is endorsed by Vanessa Hudgens). They’re kinda noisy but my skin feels nice and soft.


Investing in Walker’s ‘Fish and Chips’ crisps. I can still taste them …bleurg …..



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5 responses to “Good Idea, Bad Idea

  1. Oh you got it? I was looking at one yesterday but after my little mishap with face stuff last week, I’m sticking with what I know…

  2. suz143

    What’s up with Walkers?! Isn’t there a Squirrel flavoured pack now too?!

  3. ChickNamedHermia

    Yeah I recommend staying away from Fish and Chips and Builder Breakfast (the latter smells and tastes like EGG …*sick face*) ….the Duck and the Choc n Chilli ones are quite nice!

  4. ChickNamedHermia

    Oh actually Lyndsay maybe you should avoid it cos even though it made my skin nice and clean and soft feeling, the stuff started to dry my skin out a little so I had to put on a good moisturiser straight away ….but it does make your face feel sooooooo clean!!!

  5. ninjaconor

    I can recommend the Squirrel crisps. They’re kinda chickeny.

    I agree with you on the Fish and Chips ones though. They’re absolutely vomit-inducing. All rotten fish and not enough chips.

    Not a fan of Builder’s Breakfast either. They taste like someone farted on my crisps 😦

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