Do I Want To Admit This….?

I’m renowned for my less-than-super-hip taste in music, but pfft -whatevs! It’s my music and I’m the one who listens to it (well, except for the time when I went through my 90s Pop phase and everytime I hopped in the shower I’d blare B*Witched, Billie Piper, 5ive -I’m not proud-which my roomies were subjected to …guys, I can’t apologies enough!) But anyway, soon after that phase I realised the entire apartment could hear my tuuuuuuunes when volumised that much, so I was nice and turned it down and now we’re back to my argument that my music effects no one but me (and my boyfriend when he loses his iPod and helplessly turns to my iPod for comfort …and fails.)

I was making a point here.

Catherine = unfortunate music collection = music that makes Catherine happy = good thing.

So anyway, as I was monitoring Cork 96FM in work (I know, how awesome, right?) I came across this song that I was like Hey, Nice Song, and then I heard the words ‘Romeo’ and ‘Juliet’ and was like I Love Romeo And Juliet And Want To Mate With It And Have Tiny Shakespearean Babie With It and so had to find the song.

Turns out it’s Taylor Swift’s Love Story and argh it’s going straight onto my iPod and argh I’m going to listen to it a lot and argh It has amazing potential to become my summer song.

Last year’s summer song was Sway by Bic Runga and everytime I hear it I get flashbacks to my lovely apartment in Shanowen surrounded by DCUness and panicking over my thesis during an incredibly and typically hot May.

So yes here’s Love Story:

It’s pretty and makes me think of summer clothes and warm park evenings ….and Romeo and Juliet, of course ….and my teenage years when I was obsessed with being swept off my feet by some Teen Flick American Hottie ….and books and tea.



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8 responses to “Do I Want To Admit This….?

  1. The flower dress is really pretty.

  2. creamnyc

    Taylor Swift is awesome! I loooooooove her!

  3. And hang on a sec… I thought last year’s summer song was “American Boy”????

  4. And hang on another sec! My other comment disappeared…


    I love Taylor Swift. She’s awesome. Even though she’s Miley Cyrus’ best friend. And went out with a Jonas Brother.

  5. Suz

    …there is nothing embarassing about liking Taylor Swift! I’ll join that club 🙂

  6. ChickNamedHermia

    What kind of a person is friends with Miley Cyrus!?

    And MY last Summer Song was Sway cos I just became obsessed with it and listened to it all the time and it reminded me of hazy summer nights!

    The chorus of American Boy was in my head quite a bit though…

  7. American Boy wasn’t MY summer song. I distinctly remember you telling me it was your summer song while we were in the Clarence!

  8. ChickNamedHermia

    Oh no, it was just that it was one of the ones that was being played during the summer so it reminded me of summer, but it wasn’t my one …just a general summer song.

    Lol this is all so confusing!

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