Let’s Hear It For The Girls

I’m very much liking the American Icons piece in Glamour.

The aim of the piece was to pay tribute to fearless women over the last century who inspire. The magazine gathered together a number of female celebrities, who each portrayed a famous woman who has inspired them.

It’s a really good collection of pics (with the exception  of  Emma Roberts who chose Goddess Hepburn and butchered her!).

Here are a few of my favourites:

Hayden Panettiere as Amelia Earhart

“She proved that anything is possible. If you want to fly a plane, fly a plane…. No one can tell you no.” —Hayden Panettiere, 19.

Paula Patton as Billie Holiday

“You can imagine that women at home hearing her songs on the radio felt her vocalizing their emotions and their struggles.”—Paula Patton, 33.

Lindsay Lohan as Madonna

“When I was little, every day after school I would come home and put in her The Immaculate Collection disc and karaoke to it around the whole house.”—Lindsay Lohan, 22.

Emma Stone as Carrie Bradshaw

“I don’t know a girl in this generation who hasn’t been influenced at least a bit by Carrie.” —Emma Stone, 20.

Alicia Keys as First Lady Michelle Obama

“She has worked hard for everything she’s accomplished, and done so with grace and humility. So many women and girls can identify with her story.”—Alicia Keys, 28.

Odette Yustman, Spencer Grammer, Rumer Willis as The Women of Woodstock

“They were showing the world that being a little bit different is OK.”—Odette Yustman, 23.

“These women didn’t have to look a certain way. They didn’t have to have a man. They could love whomever they wanted—that has definitely influenced who we are now.”—Spencer Grammer, 25.

“It’s an era that was so important because it was very much about natural beauty.”—Rumer Willis, 20.

Oh and here’s the SHITAKI effort by Emma Roberts ….who even IS she!!!???? I can safely say I’ve never seen Audrey look THIS stupid:



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2 responses to “Let’s Hear It For The Girls

  1. Suz

    These are gorgeous. Love Alicia Keys and Lindsay Lohans! Just lovely!

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