When the moon hits your eye….

Hello All,

Je suis tres malade aujord-hui, so my long-in-the-waiting-line post on my trip to Venice has to be cut down to mere pictures.

But as they say, a picture’s worth a thousand words, oui?


This was the amazing view we got everytime we stepped out of our hotel!

dsc_0223This was one of the amazing parts of our room: I wanted to take this mirror home with me. You can’t see it too well in this picture, but it had been ‘antiqued’ and was just gorgeous! Other amazing things about the room: the italian-designed ceiling, the flat-screen TV, the massage shower and whirlpool tub, and the double bed that was actually two singles pushed together and separated everytime you moved even just to get out of the bed ….oh how we laughed!

dsc_0268The Basilica, formerly known as The O2, formerly known as The Point, in San Marco Square.

The same Basilica that I snuck into wearing a skirt ….like a ninja!

dsc_0285The view from the Bell Tower, also in San Marco’s Square.

And here are some random pictures:





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5 responses to “When the moon hits your eye….

  1. These photos are BEAUTIFUL.

  2. ninjaconor

    Fourth picture up. That guy looks like he’s part of some secret shadow organisation attempting to seize control of the Empire.

  3. ChickNamedHermia

    Lol ….that’s Don Don-Don-Don! =D

  4. Did you steal that man’s cape???? Did you? DID YOU?!?!

  5. your holiday pictures are much better than mine! i went there about 3 years ago in Feb (missed the carnival week by like 4 days!) and absolutely loved it! need to go back to visit some day soon 🙂

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